Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Good and bad

Yesterday,my phone suddenly went wrong.
I couldn't turn on my phone,and as far as i remember i didn't dropped my phone yesterday.But,yes I've dropped my phone twice or thrice before :p .
So,today my mom that just got back from Bandung with my dad took my phone to be repaired. My mom said the phone will be give back to us on 26th Feb T.T
Until that day,I'll just use my old phone and maybe will charge my phone everyday at school haha..

This morning,our class' had chemistry exam..it's so horrible for me that rarely heard the teacher's speech and never do the homework. Must change my bad habit for sure..

And today,Me and Sherly got our Silver medal! :)
Although we just got 1 medal to be shared together,never mind that....
We had thought a better plan for us
like example,the medal will be at my house for a week,then at Sherly's home for the next week,and continuous again like that.
I think it's the best conclusion for us.

Anw,my teacher today at Australia center is Ms.Wendy
Not really boring compare to the male teacher that i didn't know his name
But i still prefer Kooky Karyn to Wendy :)
Till here guys,and i can't wait anymore until friday,because it's HOLIDAY!!

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