Sunday, 7 September 2014


Fifth semester is probably the busiest semester ever. It's one of the turning point in my life and right now, the hardest transition that I haven't overcame yet.  Uni just start like 3 weeks and I'm already overwhelmed by all the works that seems to keep coming and coming.

When I decided to accept the opportunity that has been given to me, I was so scared that I will fail everyone's expectation and maybe, I've disappoint them already. I kept telling myself, it's okay if you make mistakes, what's important is, acknowledge your mistake and learn from it. Don't wallow in self-pity. You can't please everyone but don't pick a fight. Keep improving your tolerance rate towards others, but don't bottled up everything inside your heart, sometimes you need to speak up too for yourself. But then, some people took it wrongly. What you think is for the best, not everyone can understand and accept.

P.S. Finally, back to blogging !