Monday, 23 July 2012

One in a million

First reunion with them!
time flies, more than a week since I last saw most of them and finally last Sunday we made a plan to meet up.
Not all of them joined though, around 10 people couldn't make it.

dinner at Semarang, good night although got bitten by the mosquitoes !

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Hand in hand

I'm back from my 3-weeks study tour !
It seems so long but believe me, time flies very fast. In a blink of an eye, and it's over.
The title above is actually the title of the song that me and my team sang for our farewell party. In Mandarin, the title is 'shou qian shou', sang by various artists of Taiwan.
Here, we didn't just study, we baked chocolate bread, did art&craft, calligraphy, wushu, singing, other sports and learnt to write mandarin characters using PC, it's so frustrating.

For events like these, it's not complete without instant noodle accompanying your nights whilst having chit chats ;)

The Trio ! Apple jiejie, nemo gege, amber jiejie

This is us performing for the farewell party

bbq time !

Miss our late night chats and playing cards together !

Last day dinner with all of them, we're so noisy and narcissistic 
My roommates

 give you a peek of where we slept, we encountered so many insects at this room. Our room were given the name 'zoo'