Sunday, 31 July 2011

Don't forget

With the birthday girl,Debora.

The first time I curled my hair :D

An eventful day from morning till night I must say.
If you don't wanna have regrets later, do whatever your heart tells you to do, stop hesitating. Even a minute worth a lot.
Time couldn't be turned back even if you kept praying, It's simply impossible.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Delvi's birthday surprise

30 July was Delvi's sweet 17th birthday. Along with other friends, It was decided we're gonna give her a surprise,going to her house without telling her first.
The plan didn't go well, her mom had told her we're gonna came to her house, oh well.

We also threw D a packet of flour, I didn't took part in it. But i did get flour in my hair, face and shirt. Of course, not as bad as D's.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


panti asuhan terima kasih abadi

panti asuhan kemuliaan anak bangsa

We went to two orphanages this Sunday with my parents' colleagues. I've been going to orphanages or panti jompo with my parents long ago. But i must say,this time it's the best ever.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sweet escapes

Got back from Europe last Wednesday.
It was a great refreshing time before school starts. Its my senior year by the way, i still can't believe it, I

Below are some of the photos that i took at Europe

At Jungfraujoch, top of Europe

Not feeling really well right now, mom said it's because i slept too much last night, don't really believe it though.
It's not fever, i just feel weak and my body ache. But here i am, having energy to update my dying blog and reblogging at tumblr.
Anw,harry potter last installment will be released on 15 July,2011.
My first novel was Harry potter, I began to read it when i was in primary 4.