Sunday, 27 March 2011

An evening with Delvi

Spending my evening with Delvi at Sun.
Since many couldn't came,we ended up going together.
Mostly,we spent our time at Amazon. Photobooth ,Karaoke and playing games.
Then,heading to my auntie's home to celebrate uncle's birthday. Happy birthday uncle :)

Highlights of the day:

Karaoke-ing at amazon.

at toilet,the best place to take pictures (?) lol

Left-Delvi, Right-Me

well, gotta hit the sack soon.
Today is quite exhausting and i needed to wake up so early tmrw. I simply hate Moanday.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Me and my lil bro were so bored yesterday and we decided to take some photos with webcam (I'm the one who forced him though :p) and listening to some of our favorite songs on youtube. The most hilarious songs are 'baby' and 'beggin' sang by Alvin& The Chipmunks :D We laughed a lot and even made a video, a crazy one indeed.

see ya later dudes !
will post more if i have some good ideas to write about.