Saturday, 27 February 2010

Food :D

I had planned to update my blog yesterday,but i was so lazy to turned on my computer :P
So,i won't talk about yesterday anymore
Fyi,yesterday i went to sun with my chums although there's a party at my house at the same time.
Thanks mom,for letting me go,although,at first, my mom didn't allow me to go.

Today,i didn't go to German extracurricular because my tuition's teacher ask me to come today.
I thought it would be boring and tiring like usual,but I had a little fun,not really bad :)
And for lunch,i went to Pizza hut with my mom and Raynard,my lil bro.
Raymond,my lil bro too, was attending his school's activity,Prefect Camp.
after that,I headed to my violin's lesson,and just realize that i haven't practiced at home :(
my teacher will probably say that i must practice at home again like usual,she never get really angry with me.
Different with my piano teacher,she always scold me whenever i forgot to practice piano. :P

Here is photos that Sherly uploads at facebook
These is Japanese food,that me,Sherly and Inneke ate last Wednesday at Itcho for our lunch.
Sherly uploads these photos at an album named Mittagessen which means lunch in German

and here is what my dad ate at BandungQuite expensive, but my dad said that it was worth the price

Just now,my dad told me that tomorrow i won't have drawing lesson :))
The teacher is my dad's best friend since senior high school.
He's a great artist.

and now,11.30 pm.Just wanna say:

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Good and bad

Yesterday,my phone suddenly went wrong.
I couldn't turn on my phone,and as far as i remember i didn't dropped my phone yesterday.But,yes I've dropped my phone twice or thrice before :p .
So,today my mom that just got back from Bandung with my dad took my phone to be repaired. My mom said the phone will be give back to us on 26th Feb T.T
Until that day,I'll just use my old phone and maybe will charge my phone everyday at school haha..

This morning,our class' had chemistry's so horrible for me that rarely heard the teacher's speech and never do the homework. Must change my bad habit for sure..

And today,Me and Sherly got our Silver medal! :)
Although we just got 1 medal to be shared together,never mind that....
We had thought a better plan for us
like example,the medal will be at my house for a week,then at Sherly's home for the next week,and continuous again like that.
I think it's the best conclusion for us.

Anw,my teacher today at Australia center is Ms.Wendy
Not really boring compare to the male teacher that i didn't know his name
But i still prefer Kooky Karyn to Wendy :)
Till here guys,and i can't wait anymore until friday,because it's HOLIDAY!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Weekend,ily :)

I feel sad if i remember that tomorrow is Monday :(
Lots of homework are waiting for me and I'll have chemistry exam on Tuesday
Not to mention,Tuesday is the last day of my computer project's deadline
and that's why i spent my weekend at Jenny's home to do our projects together
Of course we also played Twitter&chatting while doing our homework and have planned to take photos with her webcam later after finished doing our projects
But suddenly the webcam goes wrong or damaged,maybe.
Whatever it is,we couldn't use the webcam,poor us T.T
Plus,my driver must go home earlier because he's invited to a wedding.

My project is really SIMPLE and i doubt,it will get high mark :(
I really hope that the teacher give me 85 or maybe higher than that :PPP
A miracle if that happens!!

Must sleep earlier tonight..
I don't want to have regrets every morning due to my habits,stay up late every night

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Back to school

Tomorrow,everything will be back like as usual again,especially my activities
and i need to focus more on my study because exam was on April,and today is already near the end of February,time passed quickly and i hate it so much :(
To be frank,i'm so lazy to go to school tomorrow.
Homework,tests,tuition are the main reasons why i'm not interested,going to school.

Anw,today i went to Australia Center,my new English tuition.
I met Kooky Karyn,my class' substitute teacher.
her real name isn't kooky Karyn,it's just like her nickname.I don't know her full name,just Karyn.
She's a cheerful,easy-going and fascinating teacher.
If i were asked,what is her favorite words,i will say "cool" and the second is "fantastic"
She always use these words,i couldn't count how many times she had said these words.
I wish she is my class' regular teacher.
But my friend that was also study at Australia center said that my regular teacher,i think her name was Wendy, was fun and nice teacher
But I don't know,i'll prefer wendy more than kooky karyn or the opposite,because i haven't met Wendy.

Forgot to tell one thing that i will hate the most tomorrow: wake up in the morning at 05:30

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Just got back from Siantar,i felt so exhausted...
My family& I went to Siantar with my uncle,aunties,their children and their grandchildren.Plus, a cousin from Jakarta.
We went to Siantar to meet a well-known friend of us,especially with the adults.
He is a generous old man who lives with his relative at Siantar,sometimes he came to Medan and live with his relative too.
It's like tradition already,every Chinese new year we always visit him,all of us.
And we always have lunch at a restaurant named SEHAT :)

I found this photo when i was browsing the net.
Love the words, represents my life so much..
How much you care about people,they'll never care about your feelings.
They act without thinking what people will think,what people will feel about it.
and they talk,without knowing whether their words will just bring people sadness or not.
They just care about their feelings..

I want to learn guitar so much
but because of my time that was almost full with other tuition,i guess i have to wait..
besides,i am learning piano and violin now
I just learned and a half year ago
Although i have learned piano since i was a baby...
My mom disagree,when i said i want to learn guitar..
I understood my mom's reason..
because,i often practice piano and violin at home :p
I always practice the instruments one day before the tuition
My mom is so reasonable,isn't it? haha..

It's time to sleep now
Tomorrow i have an appointment with my friends to hang out together at sun (as usual).
it's been more than a month since the last time we went to sun
And i hope tomorrow i'll have a fun day with them..
Buenas noches!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Tomorrow is already Chinese New Year and my family,especially my mom is busy preparing for tomorrow and for tonight's dinner.
This year we'll have our dinner just at our home not at restaurant,different from the previous year where we ate with our relatives at Emerald Garden.

Many of my friends seems busy helping their family today
I'm not though,just once, when my mom asked me to bring plates to the table..hehe..
And now,i was alone with my maids and my grandma since my parents & brothers are going out to buy some groceries i think...
That's why i have many spare times and it's kinda boring until i decided to post some random photos
So,enjoy :)

This photo was taken on July 2009 at Sydney.
I hope someday i can enter Sydney Opera House,maybe as a visitor or as the performer :D

With my cousins and brothers at Tangalooma
At Hard Rock Cafe,Gold Coast.

At Melbourne.I forgot the farm's name
Felt frightened a little when i was feeding the kangaroo :p

at Sea World,Gold Coast

Gold coast's beach in the morning. Love the view :)

at Bondi beach,Melbourne

See ya now,fellas
Enjoy your holiday

Friday, 12 February 2010


It's been a while bloggiess :)
1 hour ago,I just finished making chocolates with my mom.
This afternoon,i told my mom that i want to make chocolate just for fun
And,she rejects my idea.
Then,suddenly(around 2 hours ago) when i was playing computer my mom asked me to go to the kitchen to help her make chocolates together.
At that time,actually i felt lazy but i didn't want to make my mom disappointed about my decision after she had already prepared everything..sooo yeaahh..i end up making chocolates with her :)
It was fun,although it was very hot at the kitchen and the chocolate didn't want to melt until we wait for almost 1 hour :(

One of my favorite quotes that i got from twitter:
@ihatequotes I miss how things used to be, I'm trying to hold on, but things are changing. -@TheHeartBox #ihatequotes

Many things have changed now,and yet,i haven't really used to it
I dislike it when people changed,and become someone that i never know.
I know it's selfish of me, i wish,everything will be back like usual again
I mean,like the past...

People changed,and you can't stop them.
Although it's heartbreaking,but what else can we do about it..

There are many things again that i want to shout out loud
But for tonight(actually it's already 00:20 based on my clock :p) I'll just end my story till here.
Have a nice dream everyone :))