Thursday, 18 February 2010

Back to school

Tomorrow,everything will be back like as usual again,especially my activities
and i need to focus more on my study because exam was on April,and today is already near the end of February,time passed quickly and i hate it so much :(
To be frank,i'm so lazy to go to school tomorrow.
Homework,tests,tuition are the main reasons why i'm not interested,going to school.

Anw,today i went to Australia Center,my new English tuition.
I met Kooky Karyn,my class' substitute teacher.
her real name isn't kooky Karyn,it's just like her nickname.I don't know her full name,just Karyn.
She's a cheerful,easy-going and fascinating teacher.
If i were asked,what is her favorite words,i will say "cool" and the second is "fantastic"
She always use these words,i couldn't count how many times she had said these words.
I wish she is my class' regular teacher.
But my friend that was also study at Australia center said that my regular teacher,i think her name was Wendy, was fun and nice teacher
But I don't know,i'll prefer wendy more than kooky karyn or the opposite,because i haven't met Wendy.

Forgot to tell one thing that i will hate the most tomorrow: wake up in the morning at 05:30

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