Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Just got back from Siantar,i felt so exhausted...
My family& I went to Siantar with my uncle,aunties,their children and their grandchildren.Plus, a cousin from Jakarta.
We went to Siantar to meet a well-known friend of us,especially with the adults.
He is a generous old man who lives with his relative at Siantar,sometimes he came to Medan and live with his relative too.
It's like tradition already,every Chinese new year we always visit him,all of us.
And we always have lunch at a restaurant named SEHAT :)

I found this photo when i was browsing the net.
Love the words,because..it represents my life so much..
How much you care about people,they'll never care about your feelings.
They act without thinking what people will think,what people will feel about it.
and they talk,without knowing whether their words will just bring people sadness or not.
They just care about their feelings..

I want to learn guitar so much
but because of my time that was almost full with other tuition,i guess i have to wait..
besides,i am learning piano and violin now
I just learned violin...approximately..one and a half year ago
Although i have learned piano since i was a baby...
My mom disagree,when i said i want to learn guitar..
I understood my mom's reason..
because,i often practice piano and violin at home :p
I always practice the instruments one day before the tuition
My mom is so reasonable,isn't it? haha..

It's time to sleep now
Tomorrow i have an appointment with my friends to hang out together at sun (as usual).
it's been more than a month since the last time we went to sun
And i hope tomorrow i'll have a fun day with them..
Buenas noches!

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