Friday, 26 January 2018

The Collateral Beauty

Last week, I finally got back from Beijing after finishing my Chinese language studies there for one year. I felt like I was living in a dream now that I have left the life there. Cause now I have to focus again on my career and getting back at my responsibilities. One year passed so fast, and like usual me style, I have a lot of things that I regretted that I haven't done or failed to do.

And my friends there, I will miss some of them a lot. We always passed the days together, most of our times we spent together and it felt too normal, too usual until we ended up not realizing we have made many memories together. It's like 2 weeks before our last days that we began to appreciate more of our times together. Even though I know it's just a phase that will eventually passed, right now, I'm soaking in every memories, good and bad ones . Guess that's life, it's imperfect and perfect at the same time.

Monday, 21 August 2017


Last month I went to Tasmania, Launceston city to be exact. We didn't go there for holiday but there's some activity in which we partake and it's located in Grindelwald, a small town just north of Launceston. 

We're staying at Aspect Tamar Valley Resort for 2 weeks, the picture was taken from a lookout in the resort. Two weeks may seem like so long, we spent the days here just hang around the main building and our cottage. But for me, I didn't feel bored at all. In fact, two weeks passed by just in a blink and i still craved for more.

Found this beautiful pathway on our way to the city

On our day off we spent it at Launceston's gorge. It's the longest chairlift but not the highest. Even so, it stills scared me and my mom. We didn't dare to move or do anything like taking selfies haha

And have our lunch near the seaport, please ignore the finger in the picture..since i'm just lazy to crop the picture

We stopped for a while at Melbourne for transit from Melb to Malaysia, so we decided to take a stroll for a while in the city.

Before going to Tasmania, I never really know about the place at all. But after spending some days there, I felt so much at ease. The city is very laid back, quiet and not crowded. After 2 weeks spending time there and when I finally go back to a big city (Melb), the difference was quite shocking and it makes me miss the life there. In my case, I just got back from Beijing one week before going to Launceston, so yeah, it's a nice change of pace from all the chaos there.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Life in Beijing

Ni Hao !

I'm currently studying Chinese Language program for one year in BLCU, Beijing. Since my last post, I've graduated uni, got my first job as Tax consultant and even got a chance to work as accountant for a while before I decided that I have to do what I've been wanting to do, studying abroad. But, the premise of doing Thesis just after getting my Bachelor degree was quite dreadful, and after some thought I finally made up my mind to just study Chinese language, which I hope will benefit me in the future.

So, it's been 3 months I started studying here.
I can speak some basic sentences , can hear what people said a little bit haha compared to the first time I came here only can use body language and didn't understand anything that they said.
The good thing here, I also learn to speak English cause all of my classmates couldn't speak Chinese that well also. Also in BLCU there's more foreigners here compared to the Chinese people, I think it's one of the Unis with the highest number of foreigners and very multicultural. I think there's around 105 countries which were participating in the Culture Festival a few weeks ago

Class 1201 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Weight in Gold

I first came upon this video when I was searching for some data for my essay. At that time, I was feeling frustrated because my lecturer kept asking for revision and I was afraid I'm not going to make it before deadline. Then, I stumbled upon this video, I opened it out on a whim. As I kept watching it, I realized that I'm being foolish and kind of ashamed with myself. This video doesn't make me became an environmentalist overnight, I didn't upload this just to make you change your habit towards nature (It's also important tho). But what I realized is, everyday, we fret over petty little things that felt significant to us, but in reality it's just insignificant, it's just a small thing compared to what our world faced. There are much worse things for us to worry about, like in this video's topic, for example.
I'm not trying to give advice cause I'm not one to talk, I just wanted this to be a constant reminder for me or perhaps for the people who see this video.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Better When I'm Dancing

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an instagram dance page. Immediately, I was mesmerized and quickly search for the source of the short video. I found it in Youtube and it has became my mood booster whenever I'm feeling tired or stressed out, or just enjoying it when I have spare times. 

I've always loved watching people who dance since long ago, few times I wanted to learn dancing but because of my hesitation I didn't get to learn it. I only got ballet lesson till grade 3, but my interest on ballet only emerged after reading a comic book about ballet when I was in grade 5 I think. When I was in JHS, my interest on ballet has died down.

beside this video, there's still many more videos that I like, the choreograph, the music and the people ;) . But this is their first video that I watched, and I'm so glad that I accidentally found them. Here's another favs ! Enjoy!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

2015 Recollection

Happy new year 2016 people!

I'm such a lazy blogger for not updating for 10 months, but as I was finishing my graduation essay (Skripsi) , suddenly I got the idea to write about my 2015 memorable moments, after being inspired by a video by my favorite youtuber. It will be mostly in pictures like usual and it's gonna be a longggg post, you have been warned.

1. January

Trip to Langkawi. It's a nice place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of big city. Unfortunately, When I went there I was too preoccupied with some problems which make me feel restless most of the time

 My 2015 countdown

I won't talk much about this since I've already blogged about this trip, but just some photos that haven't been uploaded

2. February

My first color run, which was held in Medan. It was quite failed actually in my opinion, but hilarious nonetheless for us.

 Whom I spent my Valentine with, these 2 cute rascals

Chinese New Year 2015, missing one of my little bro. 

3. March

March was filled with Baksos' activities like making chocoballs, selling pempek and went to PIK or Muara karang to do fund raising by selling flowers and singing  .

It was supposed to be Humas' outings but many people couldn't make it, so I declared this as a casual outing between friends. Quite a sad times for me but still memorable, thank to these guys who can come that day. haha

                                  Jalan Dana Baksos, Humas' annual fund raising activity

4. April

 Selfie with Najwa Shihab, one of Indonesia's famous presenter, and anchor of 'bincang-bincang Mata  Najwa" programme.

One of my happiest moment in 2015, it was such a short escape from all the workloads, challenges and activities that I need to face.

 what are we doing?

best travel buddies !

friends who I can be silly with, let's have another trip!

 Baksos 2015 DONE! Thanks to my Humas, BPH Baksos 2015,  Baksos 2015 crews and IMAKTA's crews for making it happened. It was an emotional ride, stressful and exhausting moments, but I felt really really grateful it was over.

 Our first time to IDX

5. May

 Pelat SDM with the gossip girls

Accounting Festival 2015 with Pudok crews , all hard work paid off.

 2nd baksos, this time it's much more private, only some people participating

IMAKTA's coordinator and vice coordinator for 2014/2015 period 

6. June

Last Humas' outings for me and my vice coordinator period. Thank you for the people who supports me through my ups and downs, I couldn't make it here without you guys. Yes, it was one of my hardest times in life, until now, I still held some regrets which couldn't be undone. The best part is, everything's over already.

another healing trip right after final exam ! 

 at Pantai Karang Hawu

another trip to beach again, IMAKTA's annual graduation trip to Anyer beach

 our awkward hugging pose LOL

It was also the very last job as head coordinator of Humas for one year. One of the very best moments in 2015 also ! 

Selfie with IMAKTA 2012 !

7. July

I failed one of my subject because of one killer lecturer. I have to re-take the subject on holiday, so, I only got like 10 days to go back to Medan. What a bummer ! 

One of the reasons why I love going back to Medan

Short meet up with Neke

 8. August

Highlight of the day

At Kawah putih Bandung 

yay to another trip with friends

relaxing view from our hotel's swimming pool. The pool's also just right in front of our room, big yay

Tebing Keraton, one of the newest attraction in Bandung. Rise early to catch the sunrise, worth the sleep

9. September 

at Skye, with my juniors 

IMAKTA's gatherings from 2008-2012 generation

Bollywood Fever with the boys (?) 

 It was when I saw pictures like this that reminds me to savor every moments, the good ones, the bad ones, cause it will be just a mere collection of the past in the future. You can only relive the memories in your head after that.

Welcoming Humas' new members, can't believe it's my last year joining Diklan as part of Imakta. Next year or years after, I'll come as an alumnus.

10. October

Best Party Ganjil with BPHI-DP 2015/2016 , the first actual times that the feeling of togetherness was very strong, well, in my opinion. We didn't win the cooking competition but what matters most is the process, lots of fun really.

My not-so-surprise midnight birthday celebration from them. This is the most decent picture of us , so excuse our sleepy face. 

 Thank you for the cream mask, brosis

It's banana cake ! 

BPHI-DP 2015/2016 first time gatherings 

 Cakes from them, thankyou !

My 20th birthday blast with FRM !

Also, I got my first job as a piano teacher at Willy Soemantri this month. I just handled 4 students but the  burden of a teacher is quite pressuring! Salute to every teacher in this world, really, it's not easy at all. You have to be very patient to be able to work as a teacher.

11. November

Dinner at bistronomy with my usual Saturday night companions.  Time flies, people come and go, things changed. That's life.. 

 Finally after one year, FRM's gathering ! minus one crew

Twinnie tshirt !

great time catching up with junior and high school friends. We just couldn't predict the future , huh?

                       Obe came to Jakarta, so we went to Mcd and chitchatting till midnight. Good timesss 

 National Tax Seminar 2015

My pudok partner!

HUMAS goes to Bandung !! it's a bittersweet time for me personally.

HUT Metro Tv with IMAKTA

12. December

A very eventful and festive month, what a way to end 2015! 

 This was taken after the very last final exam in university ! Silly poses for the win!

The most anticipated FRM gathering, our first (early) Christmas dinner together. Sadly, it's and incomplete squad

 The one who did my eyeliner and hair that day

One of December's highlight, Mom ad Dad came to Jakarta !!!

Do we look alike?

 coffee-ing with the "untitled"  

Left : trying to take candid photos
Right : What a candid photos actually look like

Unplanned dinner at Nomz, it was actually to accompany Nita sending her sister to GI to meet her friend. Had a great time having girls' talk with them.

Last but not least, my new year eve dinner with junior and high school friends. We went to Nomz (again) to have our dinner, cause other places were full.
After having dinner, we went to Bunderan HI to watch fireworks, it's not up to our expectations though cause there's no new year eve countdown! That's a big deal.
Then, we went to a billiard place at Sarinah to take a shelter because of the sudden rain. Talking for a bit while trying not to sleep. We decided to buy cards to kill time and ended up eating fried rice at 3 am in the morning. Sorry stomach. 
After that, we sat at McD until sunrise and played Uno cards. That's actually the best part, we laughed so hard while playing this until I got stomachache.

So, that's it, my 2015 recollection. I was having fun while writing this and well, forgetting about my essay for a while. 
 Hopefully I will update my blog more often this year. I didn't do any new year resolution this year, I decided to just let it flow this year, soo let's just see.

Thanks for reading !