Friday, 30 November 2012

Young, Wild and Free

November passed so fast, many plans and things to catch up and sometimes I felt so overwhelmed with all the things I have to do. Actually, everything was about learning how to organize your times and I know I've failed. It's not like I got workloads of assignments or what, but it's because I'm always procrastinating and that's my main problem. Things could have been better if I could just stop being lazy. 

Badminton's outing is the most relaxing makrab ever, it's just a week after Diklan

Finally, meeting again with Gayatri and Rani. They just got back from Perth and their uni is on holiday already, envy !

Just a random day when I felt like taking picture with them to document the day . Damn, I will miss them so much, because next semester we'll be separated.

On the same day, Chilling with a friend at Sevel. We love to try new things and foodsss

First meeting of Humas family !

 Imakta's party ganjil

 My cute nephew

My cousin, with his soon-to-be wife. counting the days to their wedding....

Neke's 18th birhtday

 Big meeting

Last day of November

December means going back home and final exam, so unprepared with the materials. While I don't want to face the exam, I can't help but feeling excited with the prospect of going back to Medan soon. It's crazy, 4 months have passed just like that, and I still remember my first day being a college student like it's just weeks ago.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Diksar and Diklan are over and now, I officially have became a part of Imakta ! So many things that I've learned from the 3 days trip to Puncak.

Some things will never be the same anymore, I know it'll bound to happen someday. But I hope we can pass those hard times together.