Saturday, 29 September 2012

Shooting Star

Wearing angry birds tee together :p It's kinda embarrassing though.

 Riki's birthday treat

Silly little things

Two times skating in a span of a week, and oppa gangnam style is so trending. Pro skaters are dancing gangnam style at the ice rink.

Gajah family :D

Lots of things happened this month, and I still couldn't believe it's going to be 2 months already since I came here. The picture above is taken with gajah family, the name of our group, at Puncak for darmadhista. I got sick right after we arrived at Jakarta, thankfully I'm all good now.

I also have been accepted to Imakta after going through the written and interview test, but they said, it's not final yet. There's still diksar and diklan, in which we'll be tested again. Phew.

Next month will be faster, with exams, assignments, and some events(mom and dad will come here around 20th yayyy!) Hope things are gonna be better here !

Goodnight world :)