Saturday, 29 January 2011

Round and round

Just had a notion to change my blog's skin, apparently,none really suit my taste. So,rather than struggling to find a better skin,i decided to type a post,a short one as always teehee.

Chinese new year's approaching, i should be glad i got 6-days to relax myself. But instead of it,I kinda worry about my school's first monthly exam and other things. But right now,i don't wanna think too much about those,wanna enjoy my Sunday peacefully.

I got these photos from junior master chef Australia's website. So mouthwatering :9

florentine tartlets with frangipane

Berry ricotta hotcakes

Beef wellington

Portuguese style chicken

Processor chocolate cake

What i made when i'm in 2nd JHS

Below is some random pictures i got from tumblr:

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pa's b'day

It was pa's b'day yesterday,and all of us celebrated it at Swiss-cafe. I know i didn't write much nowadays,but i surmise picture tells everything already right? :)

Clover's :9

Pa and ma
Me with my 2 devil little brothers :p

Wish you'll always be healthy and happy
Love you :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Hey you 2011

My holy holiday has ended,which makes me so so so heartbroken *exaggerating*
I thought today would be a bad beginning,but now,when I'm typing this,it ain't that bad like what I've been visualized hoho

Have you made your resolution for 2011 already? whatever you're wishing for, i hope that you can reach your goals teehees
2010 will be a year that i won't and never obliterate. It has so many memories,moments and experiences,like roller-coaster. To conclude, a year that you'll always remember,always.

Should try to cherish every moments in my life,welcoming 2011 with arms wide open *bighugs*

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sleepover at mine

Sleepover at my house,3 days 2 night.
Baking cookies,watching movies,taking photos,polishing our nails,barbecue and gossiping.
Girls just wanna have fun!

our snacks

bbq time

Polished nails

Spongebob & Patrick

D'ya know what is this? it's choco cookies lol

Our cookies. Fattie gingerbread :p


Me&Celi in the morning