Monday, 28 November 2011


Sunday morning was tough. I joined a mini concert held by my tuition where I performed as a violinist, accompanied by a cellist,the one who play cello. I'm having nervous syndrome and the worst part is the cellist forgot to bring his sheet music and he didn't quite remember the song. So,at the last minute, he tried to make improvisation.Thankfully,all went well ! 
This week finally passed, mini concert on Sunday and piano exam on Friday. I can breathe a sigh of relief now.
Rushing from the concert, I managed to buy Breaking Dawn tickets for the three of us. It kinda sucks because we got the second row. My eyes felt so heavy after that,probably cause I watched it too close. 

coffee cream cookies...If I'm not mistaken

After window-shopping session and chatting while having Shihlin, we went to Mr.Pancake to eat..again. I couldn't really enjoy the food, we scared that we'll miss the movie. We ran,actually it's called fast walking. When we arrived at the cinema,we're stupefied, the movie still haven't started. Then N said her watch is 20 mins quicker than the cinema's...

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Rain over me

Last Saturday night, prepared myself to attend Cindy's birthday bash at Maxim.
As usual, tons of pictures were being taken thereeee

birthday girl

Me, D and R were chosen to play a game, we must press the balloon with our armpit and crush it. They managed,but I'm not successful with it, thankfully there's no punishment game. In the end, they told me they used their finger to crush the balloon, that's cheatinggg fellas :p

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Late birthday party

Last Sunday was my sixteenth birthday party.
It was really a mess in the beginning and just when I thought everything is crumbling apart, I got my friends and family who helped me through it.
Big thanks to them, you know who you are ;)
For those who came, I hope you guys had a good time there,seeing your smile makes my night xx

Celi and Neke
Iv, Cin, Fen, Rica, Kat, Dm, Dev, Shierly

EK, Tjuanda, Nico

The participants of a game with their gifts

My guiders, Sw and Jt :p

jov, jose, me, vina, feje

 Posing with my classmates,excluding jege, jesput, stev and Ivana.L

 My family <3