Thursday, 3 November 2011

Late birthday party

Last Sunday was my sixteenth birthday party.
It was really a mess in the beginning and just when I thought everything is crumbling apart, I got my friends and family who helped me through it.
Big thanks to them, you know who you are ;)
For those who came, I hope you guys had a good time there,seeing your smile makes my night xx

Celi and Neke
Iv, Cin, Fen, Rica, Kat, Dm, Dev, Shierly

EK, Tjuanda, Nico

The participants of a game with their gifts

My guiders, Sw and Jt :p

jov, jose, me, vina, feje

 Posing with my classmates,excluding jege, jesput, stev and Ivana.L

 My family <3

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