Friday, 9 June 2017

Life in Beijing

Ni Hao !

I'm currently studying Chinese Language program for one year in BLCU, Beijing. Since my last post, I've graduated uni, got my first job as Tax consultant and even got a chance to work as accountant for a while before I decided that I have to do what I've been wanting to do, studying abroad. But, the premise of doing Thesis just after getting my Bachelor degree was quite dreadful, and after some thought I finally made up my mind to just study Chinese language, which I hope will benefit me in the future.

So, it's been 3 months I started studying here.
I can speak some basic sentences , can hear what people said a little bit haha compared to the first time I came here only can use body language and didn't understand anything that they said.
The good thing here, I also learn to speak English cause all of my classmates couldn't speak Chinese that well also. Also in BLCU there's more foreigners here compared to the Chinese people, I think it's one of the Unis with the highest number of foreigners and very multicultural. I think there's around 105 countries which were participating in the Culture Festival a few weeks ago

Class 1201