Saturday, 13 February 2010

Tomorrow is already Chinese New Year and my family,especially my mom is busy preparing for tomorrow and for tonight's dinner.
This year we'll have our dinner just at our home not at restaurant,different from the previous year where we ate with our relatives at Emerald Garden.

Many of my friends seems busy helping their family today
I'm not though,just once, when my mom asked me to bring plates to the table..hehe..
And now,i was alone with my maids and my grandma since my parents & brothers are going out to buy some groceries i think...
That's why i have many spare times and it's kinda boring until i decided to post some random photos
So,enjoy :)

This photo was taken on July 2009 at Sydney.
I hope someday i can enter Sydney Opera House,maybe as a visitor or as the performer :D

With my cousins and brothers at Tangalooma
At Hard Rock Cafe,Gold Coast.

At Melbourne.I forgot the farm's name
Felt frightened a little when i was feeding the kangaroo :p

at Sea World,Gold Coast

Gold coast's beach in the morning. Love the view :)

at Bondi beach,Melbourne

See ya now,fellas
Enjoy your holiday

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