Sunday, 21 February 2010

Weekend,ily :)

I feel sad if i remember that tomorrow is Monday :(
Lots of homework are waiting for me and I'll have chemistry exam on Tuesday
Not to mention,Tuesday is the last day of my computer project's deadline
and that's why i spent my weekend at Jenny's home to do our projects together
Of course we also played Twitter&chatting while doing our homework and have planned to take photos with her webcam later after finished doing our projects
But suddenly the webcam goes wrong or damaged,maybe.
Whatever it is,we couldn't use the webcam,poor us T.T
Plus,my driver must go home earlier because he's invited to a wedding.

My project is really SIMPLE and i doubt,it will get high mark :(
I really hope that the teacher give me 85 or maybe higher than that :PPP
A miracle if that happens!!

Must sleep earlier tonight..
I don't want to have regrets every morning due to my habits,stay up late every night

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