Friday, 12 February 2010


It's been a while bloggiess :)
1 hour ago,I just finished making chocolates with my mom.
This afternoon,i told my mom that i want to make chocolate just for fun
And,she rejects my idea.
Then,suddenly(around 2 hours ago) when i was playing computer my mom asked me to go to the kitchen to help her make chocolates together.
At that time,actually i felt lazy but i didn't want to make my mom disappointed about my decision after she had already prepared everything..sooo yeaahh..i end up making chocolates with her :)
It was fun,although it was very hot at the kitchen and the chocolate didn't want to melt until we wait for almost 1 hour :(

One of my favorite quotes that i got from twitter:
@ihatequotes I miss how things used to be, I'm trying to hold on, but things are changing. -@TheHeartBox #ihatequotes

Many things have changed now,and yet,i haven't really used to it
I dislike it when people changed,and become someone that i never know.
I know it's selfish of me, i wish,everything will be back like usual again
I mean,like the past...

People changed,and you can't stop them.
Although it's heartbreaking,but what else can we do about it..

There are many things again that i want to shout out loud
But for tonight(actually it's already 00:20 based on my clock :p) I'll just end my story till here.
Have a nice dream everyone :))

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