Saturday, 27 February 2010

Food :D

I had planned to update my blog yesterday,but i was so lazy to turned on my computer :P
So,i won't talk about yesterday anymore
Fyi,yesterday i went to sun with my chums although there's a party at my house at the same time.
Thanks mom,for letting me go,although,at first, my mom didn't allow me to go.

Today,i didn't go to German extracurricular because my tuition's teacher ask me to come today.
I thought it would be boring and tiring like usual,but I had a little fun,not really bad :)
And for lunch,i went to Pizza hut with my mom and Raynard,my lil bro.
Raymond,my lil bro too, was attending his school's activity,Prefect Camp.
after that,I headed to my violin's lesson,and just realize that i haven't practiced at home :(
my teacher will probably say that i must practice at home again like usual,she never get really angry with me.
Different with my piano teacher,she always scold me whenever i forgot to practice piano. :P

Here is photos that Sherly uploads at facebook
These is Japanese food,that me,Sherly and Inneke ate last Wednesday at Itcho for our lunch.
Sherly uploads these photos at an album named Mittagessen which means lunch in German

and here is what my dad ate at BandungQuite expensive, but my dad said that it was worth the price

Just now,my dad told me that tomorrow i won't have drawing lesson :))
The teacher is my dad's best friend since senior high school.
He's a great artist.

and now,11.30 pm.Just wanna say:

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