Tuesday, 2 March 2010


My mom has just fully recovered from her illness yesterday
and today,suddenly my dad felt sick too!OMG!!!
I hope my dad will get well soon :(

I've just finished reading Spring in London
Actually,I'm not the one who bought it,but my mom.
She also bought Summer in Seoul,Winter in Tokyo and Autumn in Paris long ago,but i never had any interest with them.
and i just started to read the novel yesterday
I thought that it would be a boring book,but i was wrong!
I love this story and probably will start reading the other books :)

So....how's life?
I hope March and the following months will be more better than previous months!
Although,the starting of March is already a bad start for me :(((
anw,Forget about that now

Hello March!
Start your day with a smile,and end your day with a smile too :)

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