Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A day at Jenny's home

I spent my holiday at Jenny's home :D
We took lots of photos, mostly with her webcam and cook burgers for ourselves.
We had planned to cook spaghetti instead of hamburger.
But finally,we chose Hamburger.
It took half an hour to finish 4 hamburger.
My burger.
The bread is a little bit burnt :p

Our burger
The meat was cooked by our chef: Jenny&Inneke.
Me&Sherly just standing&watching them.haha...

We also ate chocolate pudding&fried potatoes.
I love the crunchy fried potatoes so much :)
After that,we help Jenny cleaned up her kitchen and her oily floor made by us :p

By webcam :)

Webcam-ing while eating our burgers.lol

Me with Sherly's big glasses.This photo is too dark,isn't it?

After editRandom photos.

Wish a day like today could be repeated again and again
Fun,happy & crazy times.

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