Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Holiday trip

Bloggiess,tomorrow i will have my holiday trip to Redang and SG :)
Yeahh,I'm so damn happy today!
Honestly,i didn't hate Medan. But this town is way too boring!
So,Leaving this town for a while means happiness.

anyway,We will definitely go to Universal studio because Dad has bought the ticket :)
First,dad&mom didn't really agree to go to USS
They thought that if we had went to USJ whats the point to go to USS again.There's no much difference
Then,me&bros keep trying to persuade dad and finally dad agree.YAY!
Also,dad is interested in Marina Bay Sands.
There's a possibility that we will go that new place too.
I hope we will :)

I kept talking about SG,didn't I?
well,I guess Redang will be just the same like Bali or Tangalooma.
Oh yeah,we will go to Redang with my parents' friends too.
I hope it will be a fun holiday trip :)

Till here kay
I must wake up at 5 tomorrow *sigh*
Good night and have a nice dream :)

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