Sunday, 13 June 2010

Happy sunday!

Happy Sunday bloggies :)
well,recently i didn't have a mood to update my blog,idk why.Even though i have lotsa spare times at home.
Since i got some topics to be talked about,i decided to post it.
uhmm,this afternoon i went to Sun with my fellas and Eric,who just got back from Singapore a few days ago.
We ate frozen yogurt at L.A.Betty and chit-chatting for about 1 hour i guess.
Then,we went to Hypermart to buy baby powder for jenny's lil bro,Raymond and i bought a bando today,like it very much :)
After some shopping,we went to Sushitei,to have our early dinner.
Our parents had called us not long after we had finished eating our meal.
Before we went home,we accompanied Eric&Sherly to buy their donuts at J.Co first.
Too bad we didn't take any photos today :(

I was picked up by mom,then we went to Gelato Bar,where my dad has been waiting for us.
I ordered Apple Fantasia

Then,took some photos

Imma going to bed soon
Bonne nuit world :)

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