Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Give your heart a break

How do you do? Happy Chinese New Year !

I love CNY not just because of the angpaos, well, who doesn't love those red pockets? I also love to meet people that some of them, I only met once a year, had a catch up chit chat and eating the sweets offered.
When me and my brothers were younger, we liked to walk leisurely around a relative's complex. There's nothing special actually, but it's kind of our tradition whenever I went to their place. But since they have grown up now, they were not so eager to accompany me anymore.

Last day before my flight back to Jakarta, I met up with some friends to have a quick chat. After that, I went to have dinner with half of my relatives from Mom's side. It was a good day indeed, looking forward to more family dinners in the future, just love seeing all my nieces and nephews together.

gong xi gong xi 

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