Thursday, 5 February 2015

Color Run

I'm on a roll.

This few days I don't really have much to do. My house' on a renovation so I can't go anywhere except staying at home.
So, I have the time to update most of my abandoned activities, like blogging.

Last Sunday, I went to Medan color run with my friends. The highlight is actually the dj fest, most of the powder were being thrown by the dj and host. It was a bit disappointing because of the lack of powder when we're on the road.
We actually had to run because the powder was limited. Some people who's on the back didn't get the powder. So when they reached the finish point they're still clean. I don't know if it was on purpose or not, to make us run, probably.

Though when I looked back, it was quite funny actually. We kept running, and purposefully walk slowly when we reached some points where the committee will throw the powder at us. I want to throw it too. lol

 There's no rain

After reaching the finish point, we're still quite clean.

cause selfie is mandatory

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