Thursday, 18 February 2016

Weight in Gold

I first came upon this video when I was searching for some data for my essay. At that time, I was feeling frustrated because my lecturer kept asking for revision and I was afraid I'm not going to make it before deadline. Then, I stumbled upon this video, I opened it out on a whim. As I kept watching it, I realized that I'm being foolish and kind of ashamed with myself. This video doesn't make me became an environmentalist overnight, I didn't upload this just to make you change your habit towards nature (It's also important tho). But what I realized is, everyday, we fret over petty little things that felt significant to us, but in reality it's just insignificant, it's just a small thing compared to what our world faced. There are much worse things for us to worry about, like in this video's topic, for example.
I'm not trying to give advice cause I'm not one to talk, I just wanted this to be a constant reminder for me or perhaps for the people who see this video.

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