Thursday, 14 January 2016

Better When I'm Dancing

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an instagram dance page. Immediately, I was mesmerized and quickly search for the source of the short video. I found it in Youtube and it has became my mood booster whenever I'm feeling tired or stressed out, or just enjoying it when I have spare times. 

I've always loved watching people who dance since long ago, few times I wanted to learn dancing but because of my hesitation I didn't get to learn it. I only got ballet lesson till grade 3, but my interest on ballet only emerged after reading a comic book about ballet when I was in grade 5 I think. When I was in JHS, my interest on ballet has died down.

beside this video, there's still many more videos that I like, the choreograph, the music and the people ;) . But this is their first video that I watched, and I'm so glad that I accidentally found them. Here's another favs ! Enjoy!

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