Monday, 5 December 2011

Count me in

It was my bestie's birthday treat yesterday!

the girl

Jess and Lia

Cindy and Linda

Aditya and Eric

Leonard and Fievielia

 Celi and Albert

Right after this, we went to Sun plaza with adit's car, ten people squeezed in one avanza. It's a good thing i sat in the middle part, not too hot and squishy! the parking was so crowded,we even competed with other cars to park the car.

Me, celi, and albert accompanied Lia and Jess to search a gift for Neke. We finally made our decision to buy her a bag. Resting our feet at foodcourt and I ate shihlin again, so addicted with the yummy chicken !
Our plan to dine at Sushitei are cancelled since many couldn't join including Neke, so I called my mom to fetch me and my fam picked me up and went to Bakerzin for dinner.

To sum up,it was a great day! though my feet ache probably for walking too long and so effin exhausted this morning.


  1. happy birthday to your friend :)
    Found you via Chictopia

    Come stop by at my blog sometimes :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. thankyou stevia !
    sure thing, have visited your blog already :)