Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Yesterday, 27th December 2010 , my friend from elementary organized a small reunion. Many ppl couldn't came, so in the end,only 11 ppl (including me) can join the reunion.

It's a long story if i wanna write the whole details,but I'll just write it as simple as i can.
First,we got our drinks and had a little chat at Starbucks. Then,having lunch at DOME,because it's the nearest one. After the whole party came (there are 4 guys that came so late and guess what? they came here with Taxi lol),we went to Sun21. Movie of the day: Gulliver's travels.
We didn't know what to do after finished watching movie,then we decided to go to "Happy Puppy" to have karaoke's time.Frankly,it's my first time going to that kind of place with friends. But,I've never thought that it could be so much fun! I sang 2 songs,a duet with my friend. I felt bashful at the beginning,then constantly i just forgot those feelings and just sing the song with all of them teehee.
Lastly,we went to Pandu and ate the spicy fried rice.I shared a plate with Brenda and Felicia. It was 9 o'clock already and i didn't feel like eating anymore. While the boys kept eating and asking for more :O

Though i felt pretty awkward at the beginning,it turned out to be a damn hilarious day and also a memorable day to remember in 2010!

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