Friday, 24 December 2010

Granted wish

It's Christmas today,but i don't feel like today is Christmas.
I kinda wish i live in a place where they celebrate the day with the whole family,eating roast turkey,Christmas cake,apple strudel,or drinking eggnog.

Spending my time at home,watching DVD and sitting in front of my lame computer.
But the best thing about today,no annoying buffering on Youtube today yeaayy! gonna watch many videos today and downloading "GLEE" songs !
Btw, finally I've finished watching glee season 1. Gonna buy the season 2 soon
Also,I've watch the oh-so-recommended movie by most of my friends,Letters to Juliet. Quite moving and romantic,i nearly cried at some scenes and Amanda Seyfried is simply gorgeous <3

Just bought my dslr last monday, Canon 550d for my late birthday present. thanks dad :)
Macaroni schotel made by mum :9


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