Tuesday, 10 August 2010


This Friday,SHS students in Sutomo1 will have their Monthly exam.
I won't come for I'll be at Bandung that day,from 12-16 august.
So,I'll be skipping chemistry,English and civics's tests. Phew..
Fortunately,i can have remedial test if my result is bad,since I'm not in Plus class anymore.
I'm now an XI IA 04's member and I'm getting used to it :)

Emma Watson's new hair cut. Charming as always :)

#wheniwaslittle i always asked my mom to make my breakfast like western's.
This pic was like a dream come true to me.

Yesterday,my timeline was full of #wheniwaslittle
Nostalgia-ing about our childhood was fun.I read my friend's tweet and some tweets made me laugh.
#wheniwaslittle i love to run at school's field
#wheniwaslittle Rp.2000 seems a lot to me,It's like Rp.100.000 already.And i always felt very rich when i'm holding my wallet with Rp2000 in it LOL
#wheniwaslittle my favorite cartoons was Digimon and power Rangers :) I can woke up at 6am on Sunday just to watch cartoons.
#wheniwaslittle love to collect barbie and yu-gi-oh! trading cards
#wheniwaslittle i thought bluetooth was "gigi warna biru" LOL
#wheniwaslittle me&my 2 friends love to sing "abu ne ne". It was actually a hokkien song.
#wheniwaslittle my biggest fear was when i forget to bring my school books.

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