Saturday, 21 August 2010

Farewell,my dearest friend

I dedicated this post to my best friend,Jenny.
I've known you for 4 years. Many things have happened and you've been my best friend. Thank you for being my friend and sorry for everything I've done that ever makes you mad.
Sorry,i haven't gave you the letter,if i know everything will turn up to be like this...
If i know that Monday will be the last time i was still able to talk with you..
Why you leave us so early?
I miss the moment when we talked happily about our future
I miss the moment when we took lots of crazy photos with your webcam
I miss the moment when we eat,eat and eat again after we failed to get scholarship,and then we laugh because a woman asked us if we're the accepted scholars,because we're laughing so loud that time
Now,everything seems so fake,so not real.

The last time we hang out together

So,farewell my friend
Frankly speaking,i still can't accept it,no matter how many times I've tried.
You've been a part of my life,it must be so weird without you.
I believe we will meet again someday,somewhere..

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