Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wide awake

Hello, I'll blog about my adventure with my friends last week. We went to KL, Genting and Singapore, for around 8-9 days from 7th to 15th May. I didn't have time to blog about this cause I went to batam with mom and her friends on 16th and just came back yesterday.
It was another experience again, going abroad with friends. Enjoy the pictures !

 Love this picture though it's blurry

 Met Randy Pangalila there, he's an Indonesian actor and singer. My friends recognized him and we braved ourselves to shook hands and took pictures with him.

See the gate? it's actually closed and needed some trick to open it. We kept trying and trying, the staff there also helped us by giving us the hint, but eventually he got tired waiting for us and decided to tell us how to open the gate hahaha

 Proof that I'd entered the ghost house at Genting *proud* lol. Look at my face, I couldn't smile or pose like them cause i was so damn scared already, it was taken before we entered.

unyuu taxi friends lol

With my roommatesssss the seven of us squeezed in a room together

failed fighting pose :p

We lived at Radius hotel in KL, there's stair that we called 'tangga keramat' cause we had always sat or gathered there, right in front of the main gate. We even ate, talked and slept there, just like camping lol. That's when we're so tired after going back from SG to KL with a bus, we arrived at KL around 4 in the morning, suffering from sleep deprivation and tiredness after all day playing at USS. Some of us slept at the sofa near the receptionist place and some sat at 'tangga keramat'.

 It was an unforgettable experience. We even had a spooky moment, and had successfully made a friend cried.
We didn't take many pictures though, since most of the time we shopped and after we got back to hotel, usually we're so tired already and decided to hit the sack sooner.
Writing all of this made me miss those times, there's the ups and downs, but we clearly had a superb time there <3

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