Thursday, 1 September 2011

In my life

We always made plans for holiday,like where we wanna go, what will we do. Mostly,It never happens for real. This is the 4th plan, and we finally make it happen!
Last night, R wrote a funny plan about what we're gonna do today. It turns up everything didn't go well as planned. Notwithstanding the mess, it was hilarious and what we called,adventurous.

Breeks cafe

Bowling time at Perisai

Frankly, we're kinda scared when we first entered the building. Not just because the place is creepy but there's some frightening gossips that we heard from I's sister. The scariest was, when we walked in the dark corridor and when we're inside the elevator. Adrenaline pumping? haha.


  1. your t-shirt fits you well, mine is too baggy :(

  2. I bought 2 t-shirts with different size(M and L) and they look just the same. Should check it first before buying it :D