Sunday, 31 October 2010

About October

Halo people, how's your Sunday?
I bet most of you're preparing your Halloween costume,well..I'm not
I'm having my leisure time,sitting in front of laptop.
Maybe,I'll just spend my Halloween just in my home sweet home.
Pity me.

Speaking of Halloween,it also means today is the last day of October.
Not many things have happened this month.
Second monthly exam,which was a total failure,and the worst ever.
My 15th birthday,thanks a lot for the greetings and presents guys, i appreciate it a lot :D

Last day of exam,go to Thamrin to refresh our mind. Lunch,and took some photos at the toilet :p

Having Creme brulee and Macaroons at Bakerzin after my ruined Math exam. Thanks a lot Mom :)

A day after exam was over

Bad news : Acir will move to meth2 on 11 Nov
Let's see if she's just lying or not and i really really hope it isn't true at all.
Days at school will be less fun without her :(

Next month won't be better at all
Violin's exam,Tabulation and Remedial test are cominggg

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