Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year all!
Hope this year will be better than 20o9!

Although today is new year eve,i didn't feel anything special...
I guess,it's like an usual day..
Just sleep,eat and online :p
But I was wrong
Today isn't really an usual day,a bit different,hahaha..
My neighbor invite me&my family to have a dinner at their house
There's salad,roast turkey,chocolate pudding,spaghetti,cream soup and fettuccine!
It's like Christmas party more than new year eve party

After that,we went to Gramedia bookstore
I felt so happy!!
But i must accept the fact that because today was new year eve,the bookstore
has closed earlier than usual :(

Anw,tommorow i'm gonna watch avatar 3D with my family if we got the tickets
i had watched avatar 2D with my besties and now i want to watch 3D
Then,on Sunday,me&my friends will watch Sherlock Holmes
I hope we can get the tickets,since many people wanna watch Sherlock Holmes
BYE! Gotta sleep now!

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